What’s in my camera bag?

The gear always tends to be a really Big topic especially among the beginner photographers including myself when I started my photography journey two years ago. I was thinking that the best gear would instantly make me a better photographer, but the truth is gear only matter of you doing High-end jobs.

Camera Body

Sony a7III is my camera body and i have to say it is a beast.

Sony released this camera as an entry-level model but it been proven that It has lot o pro features, it’s probably the most versatile camera on the market both for photography and videography.

This camera is super compact and ideal for people like me that travels a lot.



Mavic Pro Platinum – Bought my drone in 2018 and is still my flying horse to date. It is the first model of the Mavic but it has some exclusive features such as being more silent or because its the only drone that has the feature to shoot in portrait mode witch is very handy for those who want to post on Instagram without doing a big crop.

Drone Shot

I also have polarpro filters that are very handy for video.


Sony 16 – 35mm f2.8 was my first lens for the Sony a7III, it is perfect for landscapes, with the 16mm can get really wide, it’s very good to get everything in frame and also for real estate and night skies, zooming up to 35mm also gives me a good option for portraits and for more tight landscapes. Actually I use the focal length 35mm a lot.

The reason why I prefer this lens instead of the f4 its because gives me more options to shoot in Low light situations. There is also the Tamron 17 – 28mm which is a great lens and for Half of the price, but not having the possibility to zoom all the way to 35mm made me choose the sony instead.

Sony 70 – 200mm f4 is my most used lens, the compression from the 200mm is amazing and I find it very good for portraits as well. was shooting some monkeys in Bali and got some really creamy bokeh.

The reason that I chose f4 it’s because of its almost half weight from the f2.8 Version and also almost Half price.

Shot at 200mm

Sony 50mm 1.8 is my fastest lens, very good in low light, very sharp, super lightweight, and its awesome to shoot products, getting details or portraits.

Camera bag

Lowepro Flipside Trek BP 450 AW – Before this backpack, I had a pretty small one but super heavy on the shoulders, with the acquisition of the 70 – 200 I had to upgrade and couldn’t be happier. It is very comfortable and fits all my gear plus some snacks and water. Highly recommend.

For a camera ger backpack, I always look to comfort first, this is super important for those who spend long days hiking or exploring outdoors.

Gear I started With

My first camera was the Sony a6000, it couldn’t honestly be better for starting out learning the basics of photography. It’s perfect for travel, super small, and packed with features.

GoPro  – For almost 2 years I think the go pro was my most used camera, I bought it together with the Polarpro dome. It was lots of fun shooting this split shots and underwater adventures.